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Ceramic pomegranate home decor. These lovely evil eye ceramic pomegranates are beautiful pieces of craftsmanship! Elegant simplicity yet innovative contemporary design that will make a wonderful addition to any home.

Large : Height: 4.33" (11cm)  - Width: 3.93" (10cm) 

Medium : Height: 3.93" (10cm)  - Width: 3.54" (9cm)

Small : Height: 3.14" (8cm)  - Width: 2.75" (7cm) 

Pomegranate is a middle east Mediterranean fruit tree with a lot of meanings. It symbols fecundity, power, health and prosperity.

The "crown" on top of the intense red fruit symbols beauty and royalty there for it is used as a wide spread decoration for houses, clothing and jewelry. 

The pomegranate will bless your home and business. It is an excellent gift for a new house, young couples and whoever is dear to you. 

  • Weight: 610.00 g / 21.52 oz
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