Hamsa Necklaces

Meaningful Hamsa necklace designs.

Hamsa jewelry can now be found as an attractive symbol in people’s jewelry collection. The world’s biggest stars have decided they need a hamsa charm to bring them luck. Actresses, singers and socialites have begun wearing hamsa charms adorned with the ‘hamsa’ symbol, which is said to ward off the evil eye. Hamsa necklace worn by Heidi Klum, Madonna and Rhianna. The Hamsa jewelry and amulet was seen as the symbol of holiness, healing and miracles, which would pull the forces of good to the bearer and protect them from unseen dangers, disease, and neutralize the negative energies of envy and the forces of evil. Read more at hamsa meaning information page

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Islamic Hand of Fatima Nazar Necklace with Ayat al Kursi. 925 Oxidized silver with CZ stones. F..
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